Upgrade your experience! Feel the excitement! Give yourself in to
the Virtual Experience!

Aluevuosikokous C+A 2021
Let the games begin!

We warmly welcome you to spend a legendary weekend with a new experience which has not been seen before in JCI Finland! This has been made possible by you members of our JCI chapters. But let's not forget our great partners who have provided the technologies and enablers for this event!

If you experience any problems with joining our training platform Howspace, don’t hesitate to call our technical support!


Here we go! Game OnLine proudly present the keynotes who will get us ready for the next game!


New Game! Here's our expert workshop trainers who will get you updated from the latest trends and techniques of good leadership and you own, company's and employees wellbeing.


Level Up! Here's our international and local trainings brought to you by our own JCI members!


Remember the The Winner’s Quarter at 5:55!

Please note, this program is subject to change at any time. A final program will be available before the event day.


Every bought ticket matters!

3100€ - Howspace + Professional team trainer - Achieved! 0
1240€ - Second Professional trainer - Achieved! 0
1240€ - Third professional trainer 0
1500€ - Virtual Game OnLine! 0

Clock is ticking for New Game!